Tall Apex Classic Series Sheds

Our Tall Apex Ranch Storage Shed is one of our most popular styles. With 8' side walls, the door can go on any side, which makes this a good all purpose shed. Our Classic Series is designed and built to last a lifetime with many features that our competition can't compete with. Yet it is built to be a little more affordable than the premium series.  Even our Classic Series sheds are built better than much of our competition.   All of the features of the Classic series sheds are listed below.  Our Tall Apex Shed is larger than the competition with more features and benefits for a better price. With an Apex Shed Company building you just can't go wrong.

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Tall Apex Classic Series

Specs and Details

Building Dimensions:

  • 8' Exterior Wall Height
  • Height to peak from bottom of shed
    • 6' wide buildings = 9'-6"
    • 8' wide buildings =9'-10"
    • 10' wide buildings =10'-2"
    • 12' wide buildings = 10'-6"

Floor Construction:

  • 2 X 6 "Osmose" Floor Joist System
    • Ground Contact Impregnated Pressure Treated Floor Joists
    • Lifetime ground contact warranty
    • 24" O.C. Joist Spacing (can be upgraded to 16" O.C.)
  • 3/4" tongue & groove OSB floor sheeting

Wall Construction:

  • Premium 2X4 Studs
  • 24" O.C. Stud Spacing
  • Double Interlocking Top Plate on all 4 walls
  • LP SmartSide Siding
    • Engineered structural siding
    • Baked on enamel primer for superior paint adherence
    • Treated to prevent termites and decay
    • Will not expand or swell with moisture
    • 50 year limited warranty
  • Siding overlap on floor 1-1/2"
    • This seals moisture out and prevents floor rot
    • siding is tied to floor joists for greater wall strength
  • TruWood Trim
    • Factory primed for superior paint adherence
    • 30 year limited warranty

Roof Framing:

  • Premium 2X4 Trusses
  • Oversized Double Plywood Gussets
  • 4/12 Roof Pitch
  • 4" overhang on eaves


  • Superior synthetic roof underlayment (better than tar or felt paper)
  • Full perimeter metal drip edge
  • Certainteed Brand Landmark Lifetime Warranty Shingles
  • 30 year limited warranty

Paint Options (if painted):

  • Sherwin-Williams premium A100 Paint
  • No Cheap Contractor Paint
  • 15 year paint warranty
  • More color options that any one else

Door Specifications:

  • Standard Door: 4' wide by 6' -4" tall
  • 6' wide double door upgrade $150 extra
  • Re-inforced Door Frame
  • Heavy Duty 6" T-Hinges
    • 2-1/2" hinge Screws
    • Door will not sag, warp or come off hinges
  • Heavy Duty Keyed Locking L-Handle with easy close slam latch
  • Inside door handle


  • On-site construction and installation included
  • FREE DELIVERY within 80 miles
  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty


The standard features and specifications shown above are for the Tall Apex Classic Series Shed only.  Similar features are standard on our other styles as well.   These specifications are subject to change as we are always considering better ways to build.  To see our Tall Apex Premium Series Specifications click on the tab above.  Our Classic Series is designed to give you a lower price without sacrificing structural integrity.  Even though the classic series have fewer studs, they still last just as long and are plenty strong for our area.  We do highly recommend upgrading to the premium series if your are building a shed that is 200 square feet or larger.


This shed is comparable in size to models of other shed manufacturers.  In order to compare apples to apples, a list of comparable models from other companies is included below.

Tuff Shed - Tall Ranch

Tuff Shed (Home Depot) -TR-800

A-Shed USA - Tall Ranch

Wright's Shed Company - Orchard Shed

Kong Shed - Tall Ranch Style

Other companies such as are sold at Costco, Lowe's and other stores may also be comparable in size only but not quality.


*5 Year Warranty is on workmanship only.  Does not include re-leveling if the settles out of level.  Also does not include damage to buildings by weather or other natural or man caused damage.  This includes shingles that have blown off in the wind, fire damage, improper use and moisture damage from animals.

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© Copyright Apex Shed Company Inc. 2016

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