Yard Hutch Storage Shed

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Yard Hutch = Space Saver

6'3" Tall at Peak - Limited Custom Options

Our Yard Hutch is a great small shed that can be used in tight spaces or in spaces where a shorter shed is needed.  Some home owners associations have height restrictions where a shed cannot be any taller than your fence.  This shed is a great option for that.   With a single slope roof that slopes to the back of the shed you don't have to worry about water running off the shed over your door.

Yard Hutch Pricing
Size Unpainted Price Painted Price
4' X 6' $1,295 $1,489
4' x 8' $1,466 $1,686
4' x 10' $1,604 $1,844
4' x 12' $1,822 $2,096
A 4 foot by 6 foot yard hutch shed in sage green with white trim
Value Apex Custom Options Pricing
Door Options
Standard 4' Single Door Included in base price
Vents & Skylights
16" x 6" Wall Vent $20
16" Deep Shelving $5.50 / lin. ft.
24" Deep Shelving $6.50 / lin. ft.
  • Building Heights
    • 6' Exterior Tall Wall Height
    • Height to Peak from bottom of shed = 6'3"
  • Floor Construction
    • 2 X 4 "Osmose" Floor Joist System
      • Ground Contact Impregnated Pressure Treated Floor Joists
      • Lifetime Ground Contact Warranty
      • 24" O.C. Joist Spacing
    • 3/4" Tongue & Groove OSB Engineered Floor Sheeting
  • Wall Construction
    • Premium 2x4 Studs
    • 24" O.C. Stud Spacing
    • LP SmartSide Engineered Structural Siding
      • Factory Primed for superior paint adhesion
      • Treated to prevent fungal decay and termites
      • SmartGuard Process - Resists moisture and swelling
      • 50 year limited warranty
    • 1-1/2" Siding Overlap on floor
      • Seals out moisture and prevents floor rot
      • Siding is attached to floor joists for greater wall strength
    • 2-1/2" SmartSide Trim
      • Same material as siding
  • Roof Construction
    • Premium 2x4 Rafters
    • 4" Roof overhang on eaves only
  • Roofing Materials
    • Premium synthetic roof underlayment (better than tar or felt paper)
    • Full perimeter metal drip edge
    • Certainteed Brand Landmark Lifetime Warranty Shingles
    • 30 year limited warranty
  • Paint Options
    • Sherwin-Williams premium A-100 Paint
    • No cheap contractor grade paint
    • 15 year Paint Warranty
    • More color options than any of our competitors
  • Door Specifications
    • Standard Door: 4' wide by 5'2" Tall
    • Heavy Duty 6" T-Hinges with 2-1/2" Hinge Screws
    • Heavy duty Apex keyed locking L-handle with easy close slam latch
    • Inside door handle
  • Installation
    • On-site construction and installation included
    • FREE DELIVERY within 70 miles of Springville, Utah
    • 3 Year Workmanship Warranty

Yard Hutch Sheds are part of our Value Series economy budget product line. Our Value Series storage sheds are built to last and be durable, for years of reliable yard storage to protect your belongings and yard equipment.  This series is still built using only the highest quality materials but with a few changes that allow us to build it for less.  These sheds are a great value and priced right for even the tightest budgets.  They come standard with a 4" overhang on the sides and 30 Year Architectural shingles.