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DO-IT-Yourself Shed Kits

Want to save time and Money?  Purchase one of our Do-it-yourself Shed kits.  All of our shed kits are precision cut, ready to assemble and come with easy to understand assembly instructions.


There is not a better quality shed kit available on the Internet or anywhere!


Our Shed Kits are currently available in 2 styles (Standard Ranch & Tall Ranch), are built to order and can be somewhat customized.  You only need to provide the labor and the fasteners to assemble the shed kit (a list of what you need will be provided).  All Items you need will be available at your local hardware store or home center.  Our shed kits include a floor.  Roofing materials are included in the Shed Kit pricing.  Do-it-yourself shed kit instructions will be provided.

How to Order

Due to the many options and variations of our shed kits, our kits can only be ordered by talking in person to one or our Shed Professionals who can answer your questions and help you select the correct size and style for your needs. Prices are for kits picked up at our warehouse. Call for delivery prices.

do-it-yourself shed kit wall sheeting instructions
do-it-yourself shed kit truss and roof sheeting instructions
Do it yourself shed kit floor instructions
do-it-yourself shed kit wall framing instructions

Due to the complexity of some of our shed styles, Do-it-yourself kits are only available in the standard apex and Tall apex shed styles.  We offer kits in either the classic series or premium series.  To calculate prices on do-it-yourself kits, simply total up the base price of the shed with any options that you want and subtract 20%.

Our kits are the most complete in the industry.  All kits include: Floor, walls, trusses, door(s), trim, roof sheeting, roofing materials (shingles, drip edge and underlayment) and all door hardware.  The floor joists are precut and marked.  The floor sheeting and roof sheeting is precut and includes a layout sheet to show how the sheeting is laid out.  Walls are framed and sheeted with the siding and are ready to stand.  Trusses are pre-built.  Trim is mostly pre-cut and marked.  There are a few cuts that will need to be made but most materials are pre-cut.  Everything is included except for the nails to put it together.  Some customers assemble their DIY kits with screws, however, we recommend using nails because they have a much higher sheer value rating than screws.  Also, it is much faster to assemble with nails.


Below is a list of the tools and fasteners needed to complete the construction of your shed kit.


Tools Needed:

• Framing Hammer

• Tape Measure (25 ft.)

• Circular Saw or Hand Saw

• Drill

• Framing Nail Gun (if possible)

• Roofing Nail Gun (if possible)

• Air Compressor (if nail guns are used)

• Utility Knife (with straight blades and hook blade for cutting roofing materials


Other tools you may need

• Large Prybar

• Small Prybar

• Chalk Line

• Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall)


Fasteners needed:

• 10d-16d Framing nails (for general framing) Galvanized nails preferred.

• 8d Galvanized Ring Shank Nails (for siding, trim, floor sheeting and roof sheeting) These must be galvanized!


For more information click on the link below to view our standard shed kit instructions


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