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Our Story

History of Apex Shed Company and Super Sheds by Durabuilt Products


As funny as this may sound, Apex Shed Company came into being completely by accident.  It all stared 22 years ago when our flimsy little tin shed blew down in one of those "famous" Utah wind storms. I spent the next few days visiting Tuff Shed, Best Sheds and all the shed builders I could find in Utah, looking for a quality replacement. I found that all of these companies had a two things in common first, they all cut so many corners... and none of them built a shed the way it ought to be second, they were all way over priced.  Having been in the construction industry for many years and after agonizing about the decision for a few days, I finally decided to bite the bullet and build my own shed.

While I was in the process of building this shed, my neighbor leaned over the fence and asked "could you build me a shed?". As a favor, I built him the shed he wanted for just over the cost of materials, and thought nothing more about it. A few months later I received a couple of phone calls from two different friends of his saying, "Your neighbor said you build a great shed and could you build me one?". I built two sheds for them and then a funny thing happened. Out of nowhere, I started receiving calls from people all over Utah county wanting quality storage sheds at affordable prices. Apex Shed Company (formerly Super Sheds by Durabuilt Products) was officially born in August of 1995.

As time went on, our company grew strictly by word of mouth until I was working more hours on the side building sheds, than I was at my full time job. I eventually quit my job, hired some help, and have been building storage sheds, garages and playhouses full time ever since. Super Sheds is now Apex Shed Company and is no longer that little company I started on the side over twenty years ago in my garage (which I built).  We now give our competition (Tuff Shed, A-Shed and Best Sheds, Kong Sheds and Wright Brothers Shed company) a real run for their money, even though we still refuse to pour tons of money into marketing and advertising or expensive freeway frontage. To this day Super Sheds still relies on word of mouth advertising for a great deal of its business. Although we are much larger than we were ten years ago, our company's success is still based on the same basic principles on which I founded it all those years ago. Build a better product for a better price and provide better service than the competition. I hope that you will allow us to provide you with the superior service and quality that the name Apex Shed Company stands for.

This story was last updated in 2008. Since then, so much has happened including a name change.  There is more to come about our shed story.  Stay tuned...



Gary R. Jackson

President, Apex Shed Company


Tall Ranch or Apex shed with overhang
Tall barn Shed with double door and window
Tall ranch with double doors and window
custom shed with stucco and doors
Tall barn shed with cupola


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