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Standard Apex Ranch Storage Sheds

Our Standard Apex Ranch Storage Shed is our most popular style. With 7' side walls, the door can go on any side, which makes this a good all purpose shed. Shown here with many available options including double doors, overhang, sky lights windows, Shutters and more. Our Standard Apex Ranch Shed is larger than the competition with more features and benefits for a better price. With an Apex Shed Company building you just can't go wrong.


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Standard Apex Shed Pricing

7' Tall Side Walls

Base Price includes:

  • 4' Wide Single Door
  • Installation and Delivery (within our standard delivery radius)
  • 30 yr. Architectural Shingles and Floor


*Sheds here may be shown with optional upgrades not included in base price

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Standard Apex Photo Gallery

Shed Size Classic Series Price Premium Series Price
6' X 6' $1,195 $1,295
6' X 8' $1,295 $1,395
6' X 10' $1,550 $1,650
6' X 12' $1,625 $1,775
8' X 8' $1,525 $1,635
8' X 10' $1,695 $1,895
8' X12' $1,875 $2,075
8' X 14' $2,050 $2,275
8' X 16' $2,195 $2,495
10' X 10' $1,850 $2,095
10' X 12' $2,150 $2,395
10' X 14' $2,495 $2,695
10' X 16' $2,750 $2,925
10' X 20' $3,450 $3,650
12' X 12' $2,750 $2,975
12' X 14' $3,075 $3,350
12' X 16' $3,325 $3,595
12' X 18' N/A $3,895
12' X 20 N/A $4,195
12' X 24' N/A $4,895
12' X 28' N/A $5,495
12' X 32' N/A $5,995

Our Standard Apex Shed is one of our most popular styles.  It is one of the best values for the money you can choose.  The 7' high side walls make it great for almost any use.  The standard door height when the door is on the end wall is 6'-4" so you won't have to duck to enter unless you are extremely tall.  When the door is placed on the side wall, the height is 72-1/2" due to the header that is needed to support the weight of the trusses.   The 7' height is the exterior siding height.  Actual interior wall height is 6'-7".


This shed is comparable in size to models of other shed manufacturers.  In order to compare apples to apples, a list of comparable models from other companies is included below.

Tuff Shed - Standard Ranch

Tuff Shed (Home Depot) -TR-700

A-Shed USA - Standard Ranch

Wright's Shed Company - Vineyard

Kong Shed - Ranch Style (Has only 6' Walls)

Other companies such as are sold at Costco, Lowe's and other stores may also be comparable in size only but not quality.

As you can see, we can customize your shed any way you want.


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