Tall Apex Shed Custom Options and Accessories

Our Tall Apex Ranch Storage Shed is one of our most popular styles. With 8' side walls, the door can go on any side, which makes this a good all purpose shed. We have many available options including double doors, overhang, sky lights windows, Shutters and more. Our Tall Apex Shed is larger than the competition with more features and benefits for a better price. We offer many more custom options than our competition and can build your shed to suit your needs.

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Options and Accessories Pricing

Shed Paint
Shed Window with Shutters
Shed Window
strorage shed wall vents
Shed Light Translucent roof vent
Storage Shed Shelves
Storage Shed Ramp set


Paint (1 or 2 Colors) = 12%

of Base price of shed


Additional Paint Colors $50 each




2 W' X 2' H Window = $170

2' W X 2'6" H  =  $185

2' W X 3' H  =  $215

3' W X 2' H  =  $215

3' W X 3' H  =  $245

Grids add $90 each Window

Shutters = $70 / Pair



1- 4' Single Door Included in shed price

Extra Single Door = $165

6' Double Door (upgrade) = $195

8' Double Door (upgrade) = $235

3' X 6'8" Steel Entry Door = $435

6' X 6'8" Dbl. Steel Entry = $1195



Wall Vents = $20

Arched Wall Vent = $65

Roof Vents = $65

Shed Light Translucent Vent = 85

(doubles as a skylight)

Turbine Vent = $165


2' X 2' Skylight = $225

2' X 4' Skylight = $295



16" Deep Shelf = $5.50 / lin. ft.

24" Deep Shelf = $6.50 / lin. ft.

Loft on top of wall = $5.50 sq. ft.

Loft below top of wall = $6.50 sq. ft.

Loft Ladder (stationary) = $175

Loft Railing = $20 / lin. ft.


Pegboard = $60 Per Sheet


Ramps = $85 per set


Other options available

(call for pricing)


Custom Roof Pitch... Call

6" or 12" Overhang... Call

Vinyl Siding... Call

Board and Batten Siding... Call

Metal Roofing... Call

Cedar Shake Roofing... Call


Single shed door

At Apex Shed Company, we can customize your shed any way you want.  Whether you want windows, shelves, skylights or other door options, we can do it.


Tall Apex Custom Options Notes:

Doors can go on any wall but must be placed at 1 foot increments from the end of the wall.  They can be centered or off centered.  Our standard door opening is 46-1/2" wide, the 6ft. double door opening is 70-1/2" Wide and the 8ft. double door opening is 94-1/2" wide.  The standard door heights on a Tall Apex shed are 6'4" high on an end wall and 6'4"" on a side wall as well.

We can do a custom 7' tall door upon request for and additional $35

Most custom options are available on our Tall Apex storage shed. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (801)754-3334

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© Copyright Apex Shed Company Inc. 2016

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