Why buy an Apex Shed?

Here's what sets us apart from the competition...  Quality you can see!


Below is a list of many of the standard features on all our our storage sheds.  Pay extra attention to the items highlighted in RED.  These items really put our company a step above all the rest.

  • Osmose Brand (or equivalent) ground contact pressure treated 2 X 6 floor joists.
    • Limited Lifetime ground contact warranty
    • Much stronger than galvanized steel studs that other shed companies use
    • environmentally safe wood preservatives prevent termites, rot and fungal decay (LIFETIME WARRANTY)
    • Soft Cedar tone color can be primed or painted
  • 3/4" tongue and groove OSB floor sheeting.
    • strong enough to handle the heaviest loads including ATVs and lawn tractors
    • tongue and groove joints ensures strength and  support at all joints
  • 2-1/2" overlap onto floor joists of exterior wall sheeting/siding
    • this is an Apex Shed Company exclusive.  No other shed company boasts this feature
    • seals out water from rain, snow buildup or sprinklers.  prevents moisture from wicking into the floor sheeting and rotting your floor.
    • Allows much stronger building to foundation connection.  Walls are connected to the floor in two ways instead of just one like the competition.   We nail the bottom of the walls to the floor joists as does our competition, but then we go a step further and nail the siding to the floor joists tying them together in the same way that the walls in your home are tied to the floors and foundation.
  • LP Smart Side Treated Structural Siding (50 year Warranty)
    • This is the BEST exterior wood siding on the market.
    • Assembled with exterior grade adhesives that prevent water breakdown or swelling
    • Treated to prevent fungal decay, rot and termites
    • factory wood grain texture with baked on enamel primer to ensure superior paint adhesion.
  • Premium 2X4 framing lumber
    • We only use number 2 and better framing materials that are approved for residential construction.  no seconds or grade 3 and 4 lumber like much of our competition uses.
    • Double interlocking top plates on all four walls (all models except the Value Series).  This ties the all of your walls together with the framing and not just the siding like some of our competition.
    • 16" O.C. Stud spacing (all premium series sheds have this feature) 24" O.C. Studs on Classic and Value Series sheds (still plenty strong for the size of buildings offered in these models) but allows us to save you money
  • Double Plywood gusseted trusses
  • True Wood Trim
    • Exterior hardboard wood grain textured trim with baked on enamel primer
    • 30 year manufacture warranty
  • Heavy Duty 7/16' OSB Roof Sheeting
    • Same sheeting used in the construction of new homes
  • Heavy Duty synthetic roof underlayment / moisture barrier
    • this is the best roof underlayment in the industry.  Many shed companies either use no roofing underlayment or use a much cheaper material that rips and tears
    • A moisture or vapor barrier is required in the construction of homes.  However, many shed companies skip this step to save time and money or they charge extra for this feature because of the "it's just a shed" mentality that is so prevalent in the shed industry.
  • Full Perimeter Drip Edge.
    • We use drip edge on all of our sheds to protect the gables and eaves of your shed from moisture and rotting.  Some shed companies and most kits do not include drip edge.
  • Lifetime Warranty Certainteed brand Architectural Shingles.
    • We use high quality shingles applied according to manufacturer specifications to ensure that the manufacturer warranty is never voided.
    • Most shed companies buy their shingles from brokers that sell manufacturers seconds and shed companies are their biggest market.  Seconds shingles have no warranty and can have many visual defects and color variations.  We never use seconds at Apex Shed Company.
  • High Quality, No Sag, No Warp Shed Doors with Security Hinge Screws
    • Our doors are one of the things that set as apart from the competition.  Many shed companies brag about their heavy steel framed shed doors and how they won't warp.  However, there are a few major problems with these steel framed doors.
      • Steel frames on shed doors do not allow proper hinge attachment and add extra weight to the door.
        • These companies use 1" to 1-1/4"  hinge screws that only attach to the trim and the siding on the door. NOT the door frame itself.  Because of this, it is only a matter of time before the weight of the door causes the screw to strip out of the trim and siding (which do not hold screws very well) and cause your door to come off the hinges or sag and not close properly.
    • Our doors are built using a method that prevents door warping
      • We carefully inspect and select only the best lumber for our door frames.  We then build and reinforce the frames in a manner that prevents warping.
    • We use 2-1/2" heavy duty door hinge screws that allow the hinges to connect to the door frame itself, not just the trim or siding.  Our doors do not come off hinges and they never sag.
    • Recessed square head bit hinge screws
      • Our hinge screws are installed using a special square bit that prevents them from being removed by a standard phillips screw driver or bit for added security making them very difficult for criminals to break into.

As you can see, at Apex Shed Company we only use the best quality materials and the best construction practices.  We do not subscribe to the "It's only a shed" philosophy that dominates the shed industry.   We believe if you are going to do something, do it right.  If you have any other questions or would like any more information on the features or custom options available on all of our sheds, please call us

at (801)754-3334 or email us at apexshedcompany@gmail.com

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© Copyright Apex Shed Company Inc. 2016

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