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Covid-19 Notice


Temporary Lumber & Material Surcharge = 15% of the base price of your shed.  effective 8/17/2021


NOTE:  PLEASE READ THIS!   Unfortunately, we do not expect much more of drop in our surcharge because even though lumber prices have dropped considerably, other material prices are now rising sharply.  These increasing materials costs include shingles, windows, nails and fasteners, hardware, anything steel or aluminum and several other things.  We are hoping that in the next few weeks we can finally settle on a set price increase and do away with the lumber surcharge all together.  Right now seems to be as good as time as any to order your shed.  It is doubtful that you will save any more money by waiting to order your shed.  Please call us if you have any questions.


Please read the following notice for an explanation of this charge.


Why a surcharge?

Due to the huge increase in lumber demand and material shortages nationwide, lumber prices have more than doubled and almost tripled on some items in the last 10 months.  Many of our other materials have had large price increases as well.  Much of this is because of the huge increase in homeowners doing home projects.  However, on top of this, most lumber mills were shut down or running on skeleton crews for almost 3 months due to the pandemic.  These two issues combined have caused an unprecedented increase in material costs.   In addition to this, demand for sheds is higher than it has ever been and our operation costs have increased as a result of having to hire more personnel to keep up with the demand.


How are we handling this?

We have done everything we can to keep our prices competitive and fair and we strive to give you the best product for the money.  However the steady climb in material costs has forced us to implement a temporary surcharge on all sheds.  Even with this small surcharge we are still not reclaiming the profits we are losing during this unique and challenging time.  However we hope to offset some of the losses in order to maintain short and long term profitability.  This surcharge is a percentage figured on the base price of your shed.  We are only charging this surcharge on the base price of the shed and not on accessories or upgrades.   This surcharge is subject to change as material prices increase or decrease.  We will review this situation every week and determine whether we will need to raise or lower this surcharge.  We sincerely apologize for this and hope that our customers understand the unique and challenging circumstances that have forced us to make this decision.


What does "temporary" mean?

We hope that this huge increase in material costs is a temporary phenomenon caused by the ongoing pandemic that will correct itself as things get back to "normal".  Lumber prices do typically fluctuate some on a regular basis and we are aware of this.  However, this increase has been far greater than the typical normal fluctuations that we usually see each year.  We anticipated that lumber prices would begin to drop around the first of the year but we were wrong.  Lumber prices have continued to rise and  we really do not know when or if things will get back to "normal".



Dear Apex Customers.


     I know how frustrating it is to be hit with additional charges on a purchase.  I have literally wrestled with this issue for weeks, trying to come up with a better solution.  I really hate that we have to do this as much as you hate having to pay it.  I have personally done everything I can to reduce operating costs and find other ways to offset these increasing material costs without having to raise our prices.  However, it has become clear that we need to do something in order to maintain continued company profitability throughout these tough times.  Please accept my sincere apology for having to implement this surcharge and know that we greatly value your business.  I know that we owe our success to you (the customer) and to our awesome employees and all their hard work and dedication.

     I would personally like to thank your for your business and your patience through these challenging times. I wish you and your family the very best and may God bless you as we all do our part to make this world a better place.



Gary Jackson

Owner: Apex Shed Company, Inc.

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