Loafing Sheds & Animal Structures

An 8 by 14 foot lean-to loafing shed in red and white

Customized Animal Structures

Each one of our Loafing Sheds or Animal Structures are custom built with the customers needs in mind. With the help of one of our shed design specialists you can design the structure you are dreaming of to help get your horses, cattle or any other animals out of the elements. Many custom options can be added to make the structure as unique and beautiful as you would like.

A custom Tall Apex loafing shed with custom gates

Pick Your Style

Each animal structure begins with any one of our standard shed styles. Our Tall Apex and Lean-to style sheds are the most popular choices for loafing sheds or animal structures. These agricultural buildings can be built to match your existing farm structures. Unlike our standard sheds, these buildings do not include a floor but instead, have a Pressure treated 4x4 base frame that can sit directly on a level site.  

A 10 foot by 20 foot loafing shed with two openings

On-Site Construction & Assembly

Each of our agricultural buildings are assembled on site to simplify and expedite the delivery and installation process. Our installation crews will show up with pre fabricated and  panelized walls, trusses and other materials that are precision cut to ensure speedy and accurate installation. Though it is helpful, on an on-site power supply is not required. Most installations are completed in one or two days.

A custom shed and loafing shed combo with a dutch door, a custom roof pitch and a cupola


For accurate pricing it is always best to call one of our shed design specialists directly to make sure we are including all the options you want in your loafing shed or animal structure.  However, for the most part, our pricing is very straight forward and simple.  Simply select the style and size you would like from any of our standard shed styles. Pricing is the same for a loafing shed or animal structure as a normal shed of the same style. The pricing however,  includes a pressure treated 4x4 base instead of the standard shed floor.

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Our Animal Structures and Loafing Sheds are perfect for horses, cows, goats, sheep and other domestic farm animals. They can be customized in many ways beginning with one of our standard shed styles. They are built using standard lumber framing techniques which allows us more freedom in the design process. They can be installed on a concrete slab, a level gravel pad or even directly on any level surface. They can be anchored to the ground using our Arrowhead Anchors for an additions cost. They can also be combined with a shed that includes a floor to give you a very versatile farm structure, hay barn or other agricultural building.