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Apex Shed Company Shingle Colors.

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What sets Apex Shed Company apart from all other competitors in Utah?

At Apex Shed Company, we offer more shingle colors than any of our competition.  We also use better quality roofing products than any other shed company in Utah.  Our quality begins with our premium synthetic roofing underlayment.  Other shed companies use standard 15# felt paper or no shingle underlayment.  Some shed companies offer felt paper as an additional option that they will charge extra for.  All of our sheds come with the premium synthetic roofing underlayment.

All of sheds come with 30 year Tamko Heritage Architectural Shingles.  No cheap 3-Tab shingles on our sheds.  Other shed companies use cheaper shingles that will not last as long or look as good as the products we use.  See all of our standard shingle colors below.

Heritage 30 Year Shingles

Tamko Weathered Wood Shed Shingle Color

Weathered Wood

Tamko Rustic Black Shed Shingle Color

Rustic Black

Tamko Rustic Slate Shed Shingle Color

Rustic Slate

Tamko Thunderstom Grey Shed Shingle Color

Thunderstorm Grey

Tamko Rustic Brown Shed Shingle Color

Rustic Brown

Tamko Rustic Cedar Shed Shingle Color

Rustic Cedar

Tamko Harvest Gold Shed Shingle Color

Harvest Gold

Tamko Rustic Evergreen Shed Shingle Color

Rustic Evergreen

Tamko Old English Pewter Shed Shingle Color

Old English Pewter

Tamko Glacier White Shed Shingle Color

Glacier White

Tamko Autumn Brown Shed Shingle Color

Autumn Brown

Tamko Black Walnut Shed Shingle Color

Black Walnut

Tamko Rustic Redwood Shed Shingle Color

Rustic Redwood

Tamko Desert Sand Shed Shingle Color

Natural Timber

Tamko Mountain Slate Shed Shingle Color

Mountain Slate

Tamko Desert Sand Shed Shingle Color

Desert Sand

Tamko Painted Desert Shed Shingle Color

Painted Desert

NOTE: Occasionally, an equivalent shingle from a different manufacturer may be substituted if the Tamko brand shingles are temporarily out of stock.

We may be able to substitute a different brand or style of shingle upon request for an additional charge.  If you have any questions, please call us at 801-754-3334


Tamko Brand Heritage 30 shingles have a 30 year pro-rated warranty from the roofing manufacturer.  This warranty does not cover shingles that are blown off in heavy winds or extreme weather conditions.


Apex Shed Company's warranty covers workmanship only and does not cover damage to roofing from high winds, other natural disasters or damage from misuse or abuse.

Our technicians are trained to install all roofing products according to manufacturer specifications in order to ensure maximum durability in normal weather conditions. Shingle colors can vary slightly between manufacturing batches.  Because of this, we cannot guarantee that the shingles on your shed will match your house or any other previously built structure even when using the same shingle color(s).  Many shingle manufacturers have colors options with the same color names as Tamko but may not match very closely.   Apex Shed Company does not guarantee a perfect match to your home or any other structure.  We always do our best to suggest what we feel would be the closest match but we cannot ensure that it will be a close match.


We do not recommend relying heavily on pictures to select shingle or paint colors.  There are many factors that can affect how colors look in photos and on computer screens.  Whenever a very close match is desired, we recommend matching material samples from the manufacturer rather than relying on pictures.  We purchase our shingles from Interstate Roofing Supply in Provo, Utah.  You may also get samples of Tamko Heritage 30 Shingles from any Roofers Supply Store or Allied Building Products in Murray.  ABC Supply also carries Tamko Shingles.




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