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Please be aware that this price quote generator may not reflect current prices during our updates.  Please be patient with us as it is a big job to update these price quote generators on our website.







Though we are doing our best to make this 3D design tool as accurate as possible, quotes created by our 3D quote generator are subject to change and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.  Some of the options may not be priced accurately or may not be available on this tool.  This 3D Quote Generator is still a work in progress and many features are not yet available.  Pricing on some options may not be calculated properly.  After you submit your quote, one of our shed design experts will reach out to you to get you an accurate quote with all the options you want.  The purpose of this tool is to give you a basic idea what the total shed cost will be for the shed you want with all the desired options.  All custom options and shed sizes are not represented in this 3D quote generator.  Not all of our styles and products are available for quoting through this tool.  If you would like options or sizes that are not shown in this tool, please feel free to contact us for more information.


For a more accurate quote, please contact us by phone at (801)754-3334


Please Note: There is currently a Lumber Surcharge on all of our products due to the unprecedented volatility in the lumber market.  This surcharge will be included in your quote but may not reflect the accurate current surcharge percentage. The surcharge is currently only added to the base price of your shed and a select few custom options only.

For more information on the lumber surcharge click here.  We are trying to keep our 3D quote generator up to date with our current surcharge but please be advised that your final quote will be emailed to you with a more accurate representation of the current market pricing and all custom options selected.

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© Copyright Apex Shed Company Inc. 2016

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