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Groundhog Day Sale!


5% OFF the Price of any Shed up to $200

Sale Extended until the end of February 2019


We need to keep our crews busy through the end of winter. Because of this, we are offering huge discounts on top our our already low prices.  Just mention the words "Ground Hog Day Sale" to save big at the end of this Winter Season!


This is the only time of year we offer any special discounts.  Our prices are already lower than any other competitor out there that compares with our quality.


Building a shed in the winter frequently asked questions


1. Can we build a shed in the winter?  The answer is yes. Though we know it is a little harder to get the site preparation done when the weather is bad, as long as you have a level site, we can build a shed.


2. What if there is snow on the ground?  We will simply shovel the snow out of the way and go to work.  It is helpful if we can have a walkway shoveled to the construction site.


3. Can I have my shed painted in the winter?  Yes.  We spray our sheds with quality Sherwin-Williams paint in the controlled environment of our shop before the shed is brought to your home.  However, due to the cold weather, we cannot do the touch-up paint in the winter months. Because of this, we offer paint for 10% of the base price of the shed rather than the normal 12% and we will leave the touch-up paint with you so you can touch it up when the weather warms up.


4. How long will it take me to get my shed in the winter?  Generally we can get your shed to you within a couple of weeks in the winter months instead of the typical 4 to 6 week wait during our busy season.


5. Will bad weather during construction affect the quality of my shed?  Many people worry about the materials being wet or snowed on during the construction process.  Most of the materials we use are treated to handle long term weather exposure so a day our two of moisture won't affect the quality of your building.  Though some materials may be damaged by long term exposure, our jobs are usually completed within a few days so no longterm damage will affect the lifetime of the materials.



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