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Apex Shed Company Custom Playhouses

At Apex Shed Company, we are not limited to building the best storage sheds and garages money can buy, but we love to build playhouses of any style, shape and size.  A playhouse is a wonderful place to let children's imaginations soar.  Every child should have a clubhouse, playhouse, or just a safe place to hang out with their friends and just be a kid.  Have an idea for a playhouse?  Just call us.  We can build almost anything.

Custom Playhouse with many options
finished interrior of playhouse

As you can see, we can custom build play houses in any style for any budget.  This play house was built to resemble the customer's house and was completely finished on the interior.  Though this isn't our standard playhouse design, we are happy to build whatever you are looking for and depending on your budget.

We typically do not do the interior finish work that is shown in the picture on the left.  However, we wanted to show this one so that you can see all of the possibilities you can do with our play houses.

Custom playhouse with rock
Apex shed company standard playhouse
Apex Shed Company Playhouse Loft with railing
Utah Custom Playhouse Standard with porch and railing

The play houses shown above and the one shown below on the right are variations of our standard play houses.  The 2' porch is included in the size which means that an 8' X 10' play house is actually an 8' X 8' with a 2' porch making the total footprint 8' X 10'.  These playhouses start as small as an 8' X 10' and go up to 10' X 16'.  They have a 6' high side wall which means they are tall enough for teenagers and even mom and dad to have fun in.   Because of their size, they can also be used as a storage shed once the kiddos are out of the nest.  The base prices of these play houses start at around $2400 and go up from there.  For more information on play house pricing. please call us at (801)754-3334

Apex shed company utah custom playhouse
Apex shed company custom playhouse
Apex shed company Custom storage shed and playhouse combination
Utah Standard Custom Playhouse with Porch
Apex Custom Playhouse loft with railing
12X10 Playhouse with Porch and Loft
12 X 10 Playhouse with Loft and Ladder

Adding a loft to any play house makes a huge difference in how much kids will use it.  Kids love to climb and a loft is always their favorite spot to hang out.



There are so many possible options on play houses that we cannot show them all here.   Many times, we can simply turn one of our standard sheds such as the Tall Apex or Tall Barn into a play house by simply adding more windows and a loft or adding a custom roof pitch, cupola, dormers or other fun options.  We can even add things like decks, swings and slides to make them even more fun.  Some customer have even done combinations sheds where part of the shed is reserved for a play area like the ones shown below.

10' X 16' Tall Apex with deck and Slide on end.
12' X 16' Tall Barn shed with loft for play area
Super Barn Play House


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